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Back from the Honeymoon - feeling weird

Subject: Reverse Culture Shock-America, the United States, our homeland, USA.

Since I got home yesterday I have that normal OFF feeling that accompanies jet lagged. I'm incredibly tired but still have a sort of hard time sleeping... and on top of it I started my new job at Bare Escentauls today which was interesting and exciting!

Culture shock is that state of being many Americans experience when they travel to places like the UK, Spain or Thailand. UK: "Wow, they drink a lot in London, I sure feel out of place here!" "SPAIN: Those Spaniards sure do use a lot of mayo in their cooking, this is so contrary from the mission statement at my local WHOLE FOODS that I'm culturally shocked!" THAILAND: "Almost everyone here looks Thai and they are driving around on tuk tuks which look like the vehicles used in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in Disneyland... and they sell bugs to eat on the street- I'm traumatized." CULTURE SHOCK.

Well there is also reverse culture shock, a phenomenon that happens to people like me after soaking in enough good stuff in a country like Japan I get shocked about the US as if it's all new to me. Here were some of my initial thoughts having arrived back in the"States."

1) Wow, everyone got larger in the last few hours. What do these people eat here? No wonder the life expectancy of the Japanese is the highest in the world. Is everyone here large and in charge or am I wearing a wide angle lens? Dang,is everyone really drinking and walking at the same time. So rude!

2) Why is my toilet suddenly looking so ghetto. I haven't seen toilets this rudimentary, not even in 5 buck curry hole in the walls in the last few weeks. How will I warm my butt to enhance my bathroom experience. I suddenly feel inadequate. I'm oddly really bothered by this and the value of our apartment has really rapidly declined in my mind in the last two days. Thank god we don't own the place (our toilet seat sometimes even slides a little off the toilet bowl- GHETTO).

3) Why isn't every person thanking me over and over for doing nothing except being in the presence of their vicinity. Did I lose that magic touch? Are Americans just rude? Or are we normal for not kissing everyones
a**... Should I really feel offended for not being bowed down to for buying an iced tea in Starbucks today.

4) Why is the reality TV here so PC. Why don't they get a little wilder and copy the Japanese shows where people marry after knowing each other for 40 minutes? Why don't we have a show for normal looking Americans where they compete against two other contestants and the ugliest one wins a nose job, eye opening surgery and maybe even a jaw implant? Japan has this show- why don't we?

5)Where are all the "love hotels"- does San Francisco have a pay by the hour love hotel district that is actually nice like it is in Tokyo? Are the Japanese weird for having upscale love motels where you can karaoke, play video games, order sushi, swim, sleep, you know what, etc.. in themed rooms that depict everything from the Caribbean to Dungeons and Dragons theme? Or are we weird for not having them?


THANKFULLY one thing has stayed stagnant- I'm still as in love with my husband and to me he's looking better than ever. So is Olivia- she is sexier than I remembered her.

Holloween after honeymoon as Japanese teens

Holloween after honeymoon as Japanese teens

Airport after arriving back from our honeymoon

Airport after arriving back from our honeymoon

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