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Tanzania - Entry 3 Zanzibar


PS- I just figured out the cooks name was John and I wanted to let you know as I'm sure all of you were being kept up at night trying to figure it out...

We are now on the amazing island of Zanzibar. We spent two days in Stonestown which is a really cool Muslim influenced city with narrow alleyways (like the Barrio de Santa Cruz in Sevilla), white washed buildings and ornate doors (apparently the cooler your doors/door-knobs- the more money you have- the more you are respected here). In Stonestown we went to this resturant called "Two Tables" where you show up at this man's house, ring his doorbell, tell him when you are interested in eating and he cooks you an amazing meal in his kitchen- the food was incredible and it was a really unique dining experience!

After two days in Stonestown we drove to the East Coast and are now somewhere on the beach at a resort with only 20 other people (all Europeans, some of whom are wearing speedos)- the water here is beautiful, the sand is like powdered sugar and each bungalow has their own private section of the beach- it is amazing!

So one thing I forgot to mention about the Tanzanian government is that they have recently implemented a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to poachers *it reminds me of some sort of policy that President Bush would implement* (the only thing that keeps the tourists coming to Tanzania is the animals) so now if you are caught hunting animals- they don't bother taking you to jail- they just shoot you on the spot (the government literally has hired people to roam around the national parks looking for poachers who they can kill- cool huh?)

But if you are into hunting don't even worry- you can pay to hunt certain parks here if you get a permit- and these hunters are really smart people- our cook John/George told us that he has been on a few hunting safaris with some really fat Europeans who feel like the highlight of their life would be to come to Africa and shoot a leopard. Apparently on one of these hunts there was a German man who found a leopard he wanted to kill so he shot the leopard- not knowing that the leopard had a buddy in the tree above him- so as soon as he stood up through the hole in the roof to shoot the leopard- the leopard's friend came down and jumped on him and ripped off his face. I bet he feels like a real winner now...

Also- I left out a few things in my last email- like the fact that there is a wide range of safaris you can go on- where you can spend anywhere from $10 to $10,000 a day- at the lower end of the spectrum is the same group of tourists who are likely to get maimed by the lions (like this smart German guy who decided to take a walk 2 kilometers from his campground at night where he encountered a hungry lion) and at the high end of the spectrum are these people that come on safari with their "SAFARI GEAR"- the whole nine yards- we are talking camoflauged clothes, vests, their safari hat, the local Massai jewerly (the Massai are another huge tribe- they are the only ones that are allowed to live in the national parks with the animals- I think they're a pretty sweet group of people because their breakfast of choice is to literally make a cut in a cow with their knife and then suck their blood for breakfast... delicious!

The cool thing about taking your bar trip in East Africa is that I seriously forgot that I ever took the bar- instead of sipping a cappucino in Italy contemplating how I did on that torts question I am driving down the street thinking about why the Massai make cuts in their animals to drink their blood for breakfast- wow this is a different world!

Okay back to the safari crowd- so they come on a safari with all their neatly pressed safari gear when you know damn well that these people are not going to be camping with the hyenas like we did (not that we are hard-core or that we would ever do it again- but still...) and they just look really how can I put it, "real." I guess it makes them feel better and either way they don't look as tacky as the Chinese tourists who come to the safari with their specially made safari dust masks....

Oh and speaking of the Chinese tourists- my friend Nora was on a safari here not too long ago in Ngorongoro/ the coolest park with the largest concentration of animals- when she saw a few Chinese tourists who had gotten out of the car and were walking around like they were in a zoo. When Nora tried to yell at them to get back into their car they just waived at her thinking she was trying to make friends *yeah like any normal American would want to make friends with someone who comes on a safari with a hot pink dust mask across their face*- but anyways, a few minutes later she saw those same smart tourists running across the grasslands....

Back to the beach!

Sarah and Brett

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