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Honeymoon in Japan - Entry 3

Subject: Internet, comics and hot corn drinks

Hey everyone,
Brett and I are to be honest a little drunk (don:t blame us, blame the 90 year old Japanese medical school professor who we met in Yakatori Alley at the Eel resturant- he was the cutest thing we:d ever seen and made friends with us by buying us a little painting of the eel store- how sweet is that) in a place where 50,000 Japanese live- where the web is their oyster and there are showers and free hot corn drinks. An internet cafe, and now I understand why. This isn:t your average Joe internet hot spot where a bunch of sweaty Americans gather to get their purses robbed from under their seat while they sip a 5 dollar coke.
Everyone here has their own room, some of them have luxury couches and showers and everyone here is really in their element with their favorite Manga Manga comic book and the web at their fingertips. We just paid two dollars a person to use the web, sit on a comfy couch and drink the nastiest thing I:ve ever had... a hot sweet corn drink that tastes even worse than it sounds. Sweet corn.................................... gross.
So what:s new in the last 28 hours? Last night Brett and I went to a *Maid Cafe* that is not as un-PC as it sounds. A bunch of girls are dressed up as French maids and you pay to eat in their resturant. Like a tame version of Hooters I guess although I:ve never eaten at Hooters. It was just bizzare though. We went for the novelty factor and because we wanted to eat heart shaped sandwiches served by women that call you Master and Lady. We didnt really go for that reason but they do call you that. There was even an English Available maid. When I asked her if her English was available she said it was. You can pay extra to take a picture with them and for 5 dollars extra you can play a game with them for 3 minutes. We did of course pay to take a pic and play this game where you try to knock the figure:s head off the plastic toy for 3 minutes. Brett won and got a sticker. This place was packed to the brim.... mostly Japanese men, a few Japenese teenage girls and one old white man. Go figure.If you can imagine a cross between Hooters and Chucky Cheese then you have a maid cafe.
After that we went to NINJA for dinner, a resturant where you go through ninja training before your meall、テェんエアt
I told you these computers are just jacked.
Ok I just had to back out of this browser and open a new one. Here I am.... sipping OJ and typing to pass the time until the Golden Gai bars open and until I can trick Brett to go into one of the cafes down the street so that we can play with kittens. I:m serious, I really want to go into one just to check it out. Brett is not as interested but it should only take another beer or so to convince him... like I said the most adorable 90 year old man bought us this painting and drank with us at the eel resturant for awhile. It was just too cool. These people are just too nice- we could move here if only it was slightly easier to learn a language that looks like an ancient painting.
So this Ninja resturant was awesome, the food was great and we were served by a Ninja. In the middle of your meal they bring over a magician to do some seriously unbelievable magic tricks ウィchあれ
LIKE I SAID JACKED!!!!!!!! I:m ready to leave this cafe because I:m sick of this computer switching the language on me at every turn.
Japan has so many nooks and crannies we were suppose to go to Hakone today, a hot spring resort town outside of Tokyo but we decided to nix that after I found out from Nels and the guidebook that I would likely be kicked out of the hotspring area because I would be mistaken for THE MAFIA. No,really. Apparently u are not allowed to participate in any of the public bathing activities here if you have a tattoo and I have a small one on my back so I を追うldべ outsted.
Sucks but it:s true.
So we are saving our hotsprings and bathing experiences for Kよと
Kyoto, Nara and Takayama where we are headed after our week in Tokyo
Not sure if its the drinks or the computer but this just isn:t working for me。。。
OK FOLKS てゃt輪sテェふぃなlstらwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Wow what is this? A computer game or the internet? I:m not sure maybe this game or the internet? I:m not sure maybe this cafe is trying to make the comic book theme a reality by playing tricks on their computers.
Whatever the case I just have one more fun fact to add- Japan is すch

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